Ringwood North Primary School's Challenge Based Learning Proposal


Challenge Based Learning - Help a community recover from a disaster..

Since our official briefing in January in Dallas as a part of the Challenge Based Learning program with Apple, CBL has had a profound affect on life at Ringwood North Primary School. Challenge Based Learning has not only brought all forms of technology into the classroom in a relevant and meaningful way, but has helped our students, teachers and school community to understand ‘the bigger picture.’ That there is more to life than just ourselves, how lucky we are to have what we take for granted everyday and the impact a small gesture can have on people in other parts of the world have been lessons we have learned that transcend any progression point devised by our curriculum.

I am looking forward to sharing more in-depth reflections over the coming weeks as our final solutions are uploaded to the Apple website, but I wanted to share the unit of work we devised at the commencement of this challenge. It almost seems surreal to think where we were at at the beginning and how far we have come as a community throughout this challenge.

I hope you find our Big Idea, Essential Questions and examples of Guiding Questions and Activities useful. There is also a ‘proposal video’ that aims to grab the students’ attention and invite them to take on the challenge. We are very proud of our work and would love to hear from any schools that use the outline to take on the challenge.

Good luck!