Time For Change

Helping you help the world reduce its carbon footprint.

After the amazing success of our Challenge Based Learning project on the Big Idea of ‘Resilience’ the Years 5/6 students at Ringwood North PS are now well into their new challenge. The concept we have been focusing on this term is ‘Biodiversity’ and our challenge is to ‘Reduce our carbon footprint.’

While an involved and complex concept, our students have hit the ground running. This term, after already having gone through the process, they are continuing to develop their original ideas, teamwork, independent learning skills and leadership. We are all very proud of their work so far.

This website is only a few days old and has a number of groups collaborating and contributing to it. It will be another way for our students to share their understanding of this topic and promote change in our community. The students contributing have planned a wide variety of topics to share, from definitions of biodiversity, to movies, reports, web links and even app reviews.

Their thorough understanding of the topic is already evident in these early posts.

We hope you call back regularly, follow our progress and take the time to leave a comment.