Students are well underway and already doing some amazing work with their new Challenge Based Learning focus - ‘Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.’ Our students have been investigating a number of key concepts such as Biodiversity, Sustainability and Climate Change. 

Rather than just searching the Internet, I have discovered there are a wide variety of apps in the App Store that may prove useful for developing our understanding further. And of course, this list are all free! 







A fun way to learn about Biodiversity and Sustainability is through this game. This simulation puts you in charge of saving Paradise Island. Paradise Island is in trouble and it’s up to you turn it around. Taking the role of Mayor, you have 60 levels and 12 districts to play through, turning the island back into an environmentally friendly haven. Manage your finances and materials and construct a variety of buildings, from Eco-Friendly Condos to Organic Vineyards and Hydro Power Stations; each level is a mini-puzzle for you to solve.


The Four Seasons - An Earth Day interactive childrens book (Free, 44.4MB)





While aimed at a junior audience, this impressive interactive book will be great to share with younger members of the family, or even Prep buddies. This book offers the chance for you to discuss the concept of the seasons, as well as what we can do to help our planet. Earth Day inspires awareness and appreciation for our planet’s natural resources and environment. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 in more than 175 countries every year.


Earth 60+ (Free, 3.1MB)





An interesting app, looking at taking the concept of Earth Hour beyond the 60 minutes. People from around the world contribute what they are going to do to help reduce their carbon footprint. Some good ideas here for solutions.



Carbon Choice (Free, 0.5MB)






Carbon Choices app is designed to help users (students/parents/teachers) become more aware of the amount of C02 equivalent (C02e) pollution introduced by their lifestyle choices. In this app, users begin by tracking their consumption over a week (showers, entertainment, travel and food). Their impact is then assessed in terms of annualized kg of CO2e generated and a summary estimate of the impact of their personal choices over a year is provided.


A2Z on Global Warming (Free, 112MB)







This app is actually a digital book with a lot of information relating to the concept of global warming. There is some interesting facts and opinions. Some of which should be investigated further. It provides reasons for global warming, but also solutions to some of the problems. There are some points that would be great for debating as a class.


Skeptical Science (Free, 8.7MB)





Just to make us think a bit deeper about the concept of climate change is ‘Skeptical Science.’ This app aims to challenge the concept that climate change and global warming is not real. What do you believe?