Next week, I, along with 2 other staff members from my school, have the honour of attending  Apple’s Challenge Based Learning Project in Dallas, Texas. We have been selected as representatives from Australia to attend the workshop, which is bringing in educators from all over the world to participate in this program.

The program aims to explore the role of Challenge Based Learning with schools collaborating to develop units of work that will be implemented when we resume, and will be reviewed upon completion of the program. Findings of the report will no doubt be shared by Apple via the website and/or iTunes.

This is a a huge privilege for our school, and hopefully reflects the quality work we have been implementing in regards to Challenge Based Learning in conjunction with our 1:1 iPad program for our 130 Years 5/6 students. With so much success in the last few months of the year, I have seen the impact CBL has had on our students as they engage in meaningful tasks that promote curiousity and differentiation.

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from other enthusiastic educators from other parts of the world on this program, and hopefully updating you on how it is all going.

Stay tuned!