Factor Samurai.

Step aside Fruit Ninja, here’s an app that is lots of fun, will help you better understand tables, factors, prime numbers/factors - and it’s all free (well, at least for the moment).

Factor Samurai is another one of those apps that is a really simple idea, but very effective. Basically numbers are thrown into the air or drop from the top of the screen. If it is a prime number you leave it, if it is not, you attack it with your samurai sword.

If you have a ‘swing’ and the number is a prime number, you hear a clang like you have hit stone, and you lose a life. If it is not a prime number, then the factors drop from it. If the number can be broken down again, keep swinging!

This is a great game because it is challenging the player to think mathematically on so many levels. From having an understanding of basic mental computation, to recognizing prime numbers and breaking numbers down to their prime factors, this game also also has 3 levels to keep you coming back for more.

Definitely worth a look.