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More Challenge Based Learning Resources on iTunesU

iTunes U is still an underestimated resource by many educators. There is so much free content available and a real chance to learn from experts from all over the world. We have published a number of resources we have developed at Ringwood North Primary School as a part of the CBL Implementation Project and are proud to share them with other schools interested in undertaking Challenge Based Learning.


Challenge Based Learning: The report from the Implementation Project 2011


The New Media Consortium has published the results from the survey, and anyone considering Challenge based Learning for their school should read this article. We were also fortunate enough to have had a case study conducted on the work at Ringwood North Primary School.


Challenge Based Learning Student Guide


During our first challenge, we developed a student guide as a resource to guide the students through the process and record their reflections at key points. The guide acts as a type of journal and outlines many of the key aspects of CBL. What we have found useful is that the CBL process stays the same, while the content changes. This allowed us to reused the template for each challenge - making the process more familiar for both the students and teachers. This was our attempt at providing more direction and sequential steps in what can be a very open process. There has been a lot of time, thinking and refining that went into this document, so we hope this helps out your students. It would be great to hear if it does.


‘What Does Challenge Based Learning Look Like?’ Movie


It is hard to believe that it was only a year ago that I and a colleague set off from Melbourne, Australia to attend the Challenge Based Learning Implementation Project in Dallas, Texas. The invitation to attend with 18 other schools from across the USA and Canada was an honor, but the experience was truly amazing. Upon the completion of our project, this movie was made to capture a glimpse of a process that had been a challenge in itself. This was the reward for our students and staff, to see the bigger picture, see the hard work they had put in. I had no idea the impact this snippet would have in a global sense, and am honored to see how positively this movie has been received and hearing about the impact it is having on educational programs everywhere.The movie is still available on Vimeo and at this blog, but has now been shared via iTunes U.


A big thanks also to the New Media Consortium for their continued support, and Don Goble from EdReach for awarding this movie the number 1 educational video for 2011. What an honor, especially when you consider the quality of the other nominated movies. You will find the links to their articles below.


EdReach Award
New Media Consortium Article


Edreach Award - Top 10 educational videos of 2011

LetterReflex – Overcoming Letter Reversals


Via - iPads in Education Resources

A well thought out app which is aimed at helping children overcome letter reversals. Thanks @aussie_emma for sharing the link.

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