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Some students from Years 5/6 at RIngwood North PS have been involved in the ‘Web Elements Engaged Project’ which was devised by the State Library Schools Association of Victoria and Tony Richards from ITmadeSimple. The aim of the project was to create digital content that would help teachers and students understand some of the digitaltools available, and how to use them.


For this task, we created ‘That’s Apptastic!’ Simply, choose one app that you think is really useful for students, teachers or parents and then outline how it can be used. Each film uses the same formula;


- there is a person experiencing a problem

- friends appear with an app that they suggest will fix the problem

- a short tutorial is then shared to explain the app in more detail

- we return to our now happy group who exclaim - ‘That’s Apptastic!’


As we are an iPad 1:1 school in Years 5/6, we decided to see if we could genuinely use the iPad as a content creation device. Having an iPad1 with no camera posed a few challenges, but the students were very creative in how they worked around these issues.


This simple idea brings about a great opportunity - to get school’s from all over the world creating, collaborating, sharing and celebrating their own ‘That’s Apptastic!’ films. I have created a Vimeo group where teachers, once joined as members to the site, can upload their students work to the space. This way, we can comment on each others films and all learn from one another in the process.


So if you are up for a challenge, whether it be a small group of students, a class, or even a year level, then all you have to do is complete this criteria;


Your challenge…




1. All videos must have the ‘That’s Apptastic!’ formula. Explain why you would want to use this app, how it works, and end it with ‘That’s Apptastic!’ Check out some examples.

2. All movies must be created on an iPad or iPod.

3. All music must be original compositions or used with permission.

4. Teachers must ensure all students have parent permission to have their movie uploaded.

 5. Teachers are required to become a member of the group in order to upload their movies.

 6. Make sure you take the time to comment on one another’s movies. What did you like about them? What have they done well? What have you learnt from their movie?

‘That’s Apptastic!’ Mobile Challenge.