Earlier this year (2011), students at Ringwood North PS were invited to attend the ‘Innovations Showcase’ run by the Victorian Education Department. Rather than stand around all day, we set our students to work.

Their challenge was to revisit the ‘Epic Citadel’ app and use it to create their own story. With further developments and upgrades to apps, we focussed on getting the students to include themselves in the story. We did this by using the app ‘Strip Designer.’ This is only one feature in a whole range of options with this app. So, with interested teachers swarming and a lot of noise, one of our talented students, Brooke, created this amazing story.

She has used the apps ‘Epic Citadel’, ‘Strip Design’, ‘Keynote’ and ‘Doodle Buddy’ to create this animated picture book. I especially like the way she has manipulated some of the pictures to create a night scene. Very clever. Just another example of what our amazing young learners are capable of. And to think the majority of this task was completed by the end of the day. Outstanding work!