This morning I, along with our Principal Mike Green, was fortunate enough to participate in Apple’s Challenge Based Learning webinar. 

It has been an amazing experience - from working with leaders in all fields of education and innovation such as the team of teachers assembled for the Implementation Project, the New Media Consortium and Apple, to seeing our school’s teachers, students and wider community embrace the concept. It has also been rewarding to share our experiences, resources and in some small way, be able to support many other schools in their efforts to investigate Challenge Based Learning.


This morning’s webinar will be available on the Apple website soon, but there has been a great deal of discussion today relating to this slide I created to try and explain some of the opportunities for capturing evidence of learning. The top half of the diagram outlines the CBL framework as it is. The only difference here is I have included some overlapping of the stages, as through my experience, there are times when students need to move back and forward between them.


The bottom half outlines more explicitly teacher involvement in the process. The hope is that this diagram outlines to teachers the ongoing opportunities to gather evidence of learning, explicitly teach, work with small groups and gather assessments.


This diagram is by no means an official part of the framework, but for me, it has been a visual way to highlight to teachers and students the different stages of the process, how they relate to one another and their role within them.


I would like to hear your thoughts on the diagram, and/or if you have used it anywhere in explaining the CBL process.