The students at Ringwood North PS are coming up with new and creative ways of tackling real world problems as a part of our Challenge Based Learning Program. Coupled with our iPad program, the students are becoming so confident and resourceful, they just may have many professionals shaking in their boots!


We are finding so many students are keen to continue developing their ideas beyond normal school hours. No longer do they need to wait until they ‘grow up’ and become adults to start making a difference.


Using the app Doodle Buddy, Macey, one of our Year 6 students, decided she would design a new logo for her auntie’s gingerbread house business rather than paying a graphic designer thousands of dollars. She created the logo below in a number of stages, creating new ‘layers’ as she went, and incorporating a variety of sketches with stamps from the app. The company’s new mascot, Mr Jolly, is now featured on their website ( as well as business cards, stickers and coffee mugs!


Congratulations Macey on an outstanding effort and on becoming an official ’iPad Entrepreneur!’